Did I close the Garage? Did I lock the door? Did I unplug the iron? Did I set the alarm?

What if you could access your home and control it from anywhere?

Fully connect your home and access it with just a touch of a button!

Forgot to close the garage

 Your alarm goes off and instead of hitting snooze you hit stop and fall back to sleep.  You finally wake up and realize that it is Monday and you slept through your alarm. You think, “Oh My Gosh, I am going to be late for my meeting!” Quickly, you jump out of bed and start getting ready; you iron your clothes, you grab your coffee to go, and you grab your work bag and you’re out the door.  As you are sitting in traffic you start thinking to yourself, did I turn off the iron?  Did I close the garage? Did I set the alarm? 

  At this point you have a few options, you can turn around and run home, you will just have to be late for your meeting.  You think, “What about my dogs? I don’t want my house to burn down, or have someone break-in. I’m pretty sure I did all those things and this will probably end up being a huge waste of time but I don’t want to regret not checking.” 

  Option two, you go into work and pray you can get ahold of your neighbor to double check for you.  But what if they are already gone? You think to yourself, “This is really going to bother me and distract me from my big sales pitch. I guess worse case I can always run home during my lunch break.”  

What if you had an option three?  What if your home was fully connected and you could access everything from just a touch of a button? With our easy installation of  smart home technology and alarm system powered by alarm.com and 2gig you can! 

  By just accessing the Alarm.com app you can close or open your garage from anywhere or set your alarm.  With access control, you can also manage your locks and garage so that you can let your child in after school, unlock the door for the cleaning crew, or let your neighbor in so they can let your dog out. You can give access codes to family or friends so you know who is accessing your home and when. You even get notifications and alerts when your home is being accessed or if you left something opened or unlocked. 

  I bet you’re asking yourself but what about that iron?  With our smart outlets you can access them as well and turn off/on whatever is plugged into them.   

  Life just got a little easier for you.  Even when you’re having “a case of the Mondays,”  you can still have the peace of mind that your home is always protected with 24-hour monitoring and you always have full control and complete access to your home. 

Click here to learn more about our smart home alarm systems! 


Get real time notifications and alerts when someone is accessing your home or when something is left unlocked or open.
Save yourself from the headache and stress of wondering if you closed the garage or locked the door.

Invest in your peace of mind.


Lock or unlock doors. Open or close your garage, without having to be there.
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Full Access Control of your Home

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